Well, hello there!

I’m a photographer who is currently based in Post Falls, Idaho. I moved here from Northern California in 2018 and never looked back. I love exploring my adopted home, and taking beautiful photographs in the stunning Idaho scenes surrounding me. I’m known to chase down stunning waterfalls, do candid outdoor portrait sessions, and for photos of beautiful sunsets. I also tend to notice little details like mushrooms and bugs, and cant resist giving them a moment to shine. I’ve become more familiar and found the joy in taking portraits more recently, and I hope to continue to meet beautiful people in my photography journey!

The above photo of me was taken by my sister: Courtney Quirmbach

My passion for photography comes from my mom and my sister who inspire me every day to become a better photographer. I love sharing my point of view with the world, whether it’s a secluded waterfall, a portrait of a close friend, or a sunset that was more special than others.

If you have a specific picture you’d like printed that is posted here, feel free to contact me!